Oct 05 2014

We left our hearts in Alaska ...

The names of these new bags reflect an exact geographic location in the wild state of Alaska. Designed with endless activities and adventures in mind, we were stoked to test these packs to the max up north in Alaska a few months ago. We hiked, fished, skipped stones in glacial lakes, and foraged for blueberries on a daily basis. The thought of not returning back to San Francisco may or may not have crossed our minds on more than one occasion.

All three of these bags are a modern take on a classic looking design and ready for any weekend trip you have planned for fall! Check out the new packs below and get ready for a compelling urge to head north:

The Kincaid Pack in Bolinas Blue/Black.

The Kincaid Pack in Gray/Green.

The Willow Pack in Gray/Green.

The Willow Pack in Bolinas Blue/Black.

The Hatcher Pack in Bolinas Blue/Black. 

The Hatcher Pack in Gray/Green.

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Aug 26 2014

The Southwest Print is here!!

We don't sleep much around here; we like to keep it fresh we new products and prints on the monthly. The latest and greatest is something we like to call the Southwest Print and it's now available in the Mantis Chair, the Ochiba Pack, and the Cub Pack. The print was inspired by desert livin', especially the alignment and textures of rock formations and colors.

Alite recently took a road trip to the desert to look through the lens of Moab, Utah and brought the bags and chairs back into their natural environment. Rock shops, Colorado river swimming, and hiking to the Morning Glory Bridge were only a few sights the Southwest Print got to soak in. We then head south to the desert of Arizona, and THEN Joshua Tree National Park. Still haven't slept …

Check out the inspirational new print in the Mantis Chair, Ochiba Pack, and Cub Pack below, and pick one up before you next desert exploration …

The Cub Pack

The Cub Pack

The Cub Pack

The Ochiba Pack

The Ochiba Pack

The Ochiba Pack

The Mantis Chair

The Mantis Chair

The Mantis Chair

More photos and product desciptions on Alite Design dot com !!

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Jul 21 2014

Alite Designs X Gravel & Gold - Our Collaboration Story

The Bike to the Beach Bag went to Gravel & Gold one day and it hasn’t been the same since. Gravel & Gold is a much-loved Mission boutique located less than a mile from the Alite Designs office, so it was only natural that we join forces and create some of our own shared gold!!  AND BOOM – a print from G&G’s first collection in 2011, called Panda Face, collided with the Bike to the Beach Bag to make sweet California love.  Inspired by simple design, local talent, and biking to work and/or the beach, this San Francisco collaboration is bound to induce Yuba River dips, Nevada City trips, and straight up city slickin’ while coffee sippin’.

Follow the photo journey below to see how “Panda Face” was originally created by Gravel & Gold, and then how it ended up on our Bike to the Beach Bag here at Alite Designs.

Gravel & Gold initiated the collaboration project, and thought it would be fun to put one of their prints on the Bike to the Beach Bag.  The print chosen is called "Panda Face", and the story behind it entails a joyful feelings and evil eyes:

"I designed "Panda Face" for our first Gravel & Gold collection in 2011 and it's made several appearances since then.  The influences that went into the pattern design are hard to pinpoint: it's a little bit evil eye, a little falling water, a little Art Deco, some folks seem to locate panda faces in there. Who knows exactly? It's a joyful thing," explains Cassie McGettigan, designer and store owner for Gravel & Gold.

Zoo-Ink is a local custom printing service located less than three miles from both Gravel & Gold and Alite Design HQ's. The "Panda Face" custom print was screened on 87 yards of 18oz sturdy duck canvas by Zoo-Ink, and the fabric  then proceeded to the Alite Designs studio.  Our talented seamstress Jean Saung waited patiently for the fabric to arrive as she prepared to do her magic and produce the first run of these amazing bags!

The riveting process, as seen above, is yet another skill that Jean has acquired and grown upper body strength from.

The inside pocket and u-lock pocket also feature the print, as well as a pop of yellow trim around the interior. The adjustable straps are made of veg-tanned leather that gracefully soften and darken with use, and the paneling is 18oz sturdy duck canvas.

And just like that, a Limited Edition Bike to the Beach Bag with the "Panda Face" print was born!

Collaborating with Gravel & Gold was an absolute joy, and we are looking forward to more collaborations in the future!!

“Gravel & Gold express a type of lifestyle that we here at Alite can draw complete parallels to, such as smart and simple designs for both city living and weekend crusades," adds Liz Clark, designer for Alite and project coordinator for the collaboration.

These babies can be bought on our website, at Gravel & Gold online, or at both in-store locations. 

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