Dec 16 2014

The Alite Workshop:

We're thrilled to let you know that the Mini Bike to the Beach Bag is here to stay! It has officially joined our Made in San Francisco Small Batch Family, and is smaller, sleeker, and ready for any field trip you're dreaming about for 2015.

New colorways were inspired by the tones of everything from fish gills to black orchid varieties. Just like the other products in our Made in SF line, we are proud to boast that the construction of this bag is executed locally in San Francisco, most of it right here at the Alite Workshop.

Jean and Jenn are the Alite seamstresses that were a large part of the wizardry behind these bags. They have cut, sewn, riveted, packaged, and chatted for days on end to bring these bags to you:



The photos for the Mini Bike to the Beach were shot at Shelldance Orchid Gardens located in the quaint city of Pacifica, CA. Caydie McCumber and her team of experts came into the nursery with no idea of its true beauty and diversity. The shoot went by way too fast, and the photo team therefore contemplated re-locating offices for the week.



Check out more photos and information on the product page for the Mini BIke to the Beach Bag here.

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Dec 09 2014

Alite X Boreas Collab Pack

The idea of a collaboration pack with our sister company Boreas Gear has been floating around for quite some time now. So voila - a winner has emerged out of a wild, yet innovative group of designers. Both brands are proud to introduce a backpack that has merged two successful products known as The Pine to Pacific Rucksack and The Bootlegger Modular Pack System. 

We integrated the needs of two users into one bag design, and the results are a progressive direction both companies are stoked on. The suspension system combines urban and technical capabilities. We can honestly say that we'd use this bag for going anywhere - it's sleek enough for happy hour and it's rugged enough for a bike ride up Twin Peaks.

This ultimate urban commuter pack was sketched, designed, and prototyped right here at the Alite Designs Warehouse HQ:  































As previously stated, the suspension design is from the award-winning pack famously known as the Bootlegger modular pack system. With the pull of a strap, the back panel easily converts from a high-ventilation trampoline suspension to a conventional high-stability suspension. What does this mean exactly? Air flow, no more sweaty back, and the ability to use the suspension with other Boreas packs in the Super-Tramp line. 



















































We took the pack on a test drive up Bernal Heights. Success. We had ample positive feedback on the colorway, Super-Tramp function, and overall aesthetic:






















We were pretty jazzed to work with these crazy Boreas folks, and this daypack is merely the beginning of future collaborations and innovations...

Photos by Adam Raymaker and Tae Kim.

Product page can be found HERE.

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Nov 19 2014

New kid on the block…











For the precious, precocious, and pretty much everyone else into a well designed and thought-out project - you're going to L O V E this:

The Bike to the Beach Bag is now available in a mini size!

Leitmotif approached us with the need for a functional + versatile American schoolbag geared towards not only adults, but also children. Awesome, because we've been working on a smaller sized Bike to the Beach Bag! Taking in feedback from women wanting a more sleek and compact bag that they can take anywhere and everywhere (biking to the beach or walking to the park), a smaller size was then born.  We are excited to launch this bag first with Leitmotif!

Leitmotif is a local San Francisco company with the mission of designing for the precious and precocious child in mind with playful interpretations of mature silhouettes. Their focus is on sustainability, supporting local businesses and giving back to the community through book donations to local families in need. This is right up our alley as well, and we were excited to work with Leitmotif on this project! 









Bonnie Andryeyev, founder and designer at Leitmotif, discovered the need for this type of bag through the eyes of her own daughter starting school:

"As my own daughter started school, I noticed there were hardly any well-made bags available for children. I realized that like a lot of children’s clothing, schoolbags are made to be disposable - to last exactly one school year, at most. Back to school shopping is all about in with the new and out with the old. That is what consumer culture cultivates, but why? While we may not have as much of a choice in frequently updating our gadgets, we do have a choice to buy products that will last as long as we want them to."

The Mini Bike to the Beach Bag is a compact version of its original big sister. It features smaller adjustable straps which fit on both children as well as adults with narrow to medium shoulder width. The bag body is also smaller, but still features a handy u-lock pocket, interior zip pocket, and top snap closure.

"After settling on the right measurements, we were thrilled that the bag could easily work for both children and adults. I asked my daughter to try out the prototype over one weekend and Alite had one of their employees take the bag on a hiking trip; by Sunday, they both loved the bag so much they didn’t want to give it up. And thus, the mini bike to the beach bag was born!"

This first limited edition Mini Bike to the Beach Bag is a Leitmotif exclusive. More details and their online shop can be found HERE.

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