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Welcome to our shop! We make fun and easy to use camp and outdoor gear. We have paired our products with all you need to enjoy being outside. If you are new to camping, you’ve come to the right place! No need to choose from ten different headlamps, we picked the best equipment for you to make getting to the outdoors uncomplicated and fun! Our gear collections are organized by activities and we will add more activities and products as the season continues, so stay tuned! For now, we’ve provided all the essentials you need whether you’re hanging out in the park with friends or spending a night in the woods. Outside was always exciting, we just made it simpler.

California Made

Welcome to Alite’s Made in California Collection. These are the products we take special pride in, as we make them by hand right here in our Alite warehouse. With materials like weatherproof waxed canvas and locally sourced leather from our mission neighbors, we are excited to launch this website exclusively for these hand-made products that represent the spirit of the local maker and thriving artisan community we are so proudly a part of.

Park Collection

A day at the park means many things: the sun on your face, a few friends, and a few more tall cans. The Park Collection from Alite features some essentials that’ll help you enjoy your lounge time outside to the fullest. Protect your precious tush with our Meadow Mat Series. Built with waterproof, durable materials, these products are designed to take the mess and clean up in a flash.

Camp Collection

Chances are you want gear and advice that’s both fun and functional, and that’s why we’re here. The Alite Camp Collection delivers on all accounts. Our sleeping bags and tents are designed to bring the party home and keep the elements at bay. Our backpacks and duffle bags pack it up all nice and neat. The Camp Collection features the goods for all the overnight outdoor fun you planned for, and for the stuff you didn’t.


With so many elevated options from the Alite furniture line, why would you settle for anything less than 100% comfort in the great outdoors? Every Alite chair is sturdy enough to hold up to 250 lbs and can collapse and pack away neatly so you can take them anywhere.


Sometimes you know just what the day will bring, but most of the time you’re in it for the element of surprise. No matter your excursion, we’ve got a pack for every plan. Built with the most technical fabrics and features we could get our hands on, our packs have been tested to the end of the trail and back. Whether you’re biking for transport or fun, hiking to the hills, or combing the beach for bric-a-brac, Alite has a day pack speci cally designed for you.